Big News Around the NFL + NBA

October 15, 2020 

Top Stories 


Le’Veon Bell was released from the New York Jets yesterday due to the fact that his stats were simply not up to par from his Steelers days. The Jets are a failing organization with bad coaching, a terrible offensive line, and overall, just don’t have any standout players excluding Jamison Crowder who has managed to pull in 219 yards and a touchdown in just the 2 games he’s played in this season. As for Bell, I would love to see him in a Tampa Bay uniform. With the injury prone Leonard Fournette hurt and an unproductive LeSean McCoy, Bell would likely replace McCoy. Tom Brady has always thrived with a good receiving back and this is most likely what the Bucs are looking for in Bell. If Bell can accept that role, I believe Tampa is the best fit for him moving forward. 

In other news, the Titans absolutely stomped all over the undefeated Bills in a 42-16 beat down. Derrick Henry quite literally threw Josh Norman off the field in an emphatic stiff arm that he will never forget. Henry finished with 2 touchdowns and a calm 57 rushing yards while Tannehill notched 4 touchdowns including a swift 10-yard scramble to the house. 

Lastly in the NFL, Chase Claypool put up a whopping 3 receiving touchdowns and as if that wasn’t enough, he also rushed one in for the Steelers. As of last week, Claypool was available in 91% of Fantasy Football leagues and is now only available in 58% of them. You could say he had a breakout week. 


LeBron James and the Lakers took down the Miami Heat 4-1 in a final that did not seem too competitive. Despite the Heat battling the injury bug, I don’t think anyone had faith in Miami pulling off this miracle. LeBron collected his 4th ring in 10 trips to the finals and received his 4th finals MVP. This win made some people say LeBron is now the GOAT but let’s be honest here, he has a 40%-win percentage in Ten finals appearances where it matters most, this may seem fairly good but compared to his competition it is somewhat sad. For instance, Michael Jordan has a 100%-win percentage in six finals appearances, Bill Rusell has a 92%-win percentage in TWELVE finals appearances, and lastly Kobe Bryant has a 72%-win percentage in 7 finals appearances (RIP Mamba). Of course, this isn’t the only statistic that matters but this just shows the drastic difference between these 4 players.  


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