Chiefs Diverse Offense

October 20, 2020

Clyde Edwards-Helaire:

The Kansas City Chiefs showed the entire NFL what they are really capable of last night in a 26-17 win over the Buffalo Bills. The Chiefs rushed for 245 yards which was led by star rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire with 161 yards. Helaire also averaged a whopping 6.2 yards per carry and at halftime he was grossing 8.5 yards a carry. This is a scary sight for the rest of the NFL because teams were only rushing 3 defenders and sending 8 to drop back into coverage against this very versatile Chiefs receiving core leading up to this game. Expect to see a lot of 4 and 5 man rushes from the Broncos next week to try to contain this scary rushing attack.

Le’Veon Bell:

Bell did not play in the game Monday night against the Bills but is expected to play against the Broncos next Sunday at 4:25pm ET. What should you expect from Bell? I expect a small role in the game plan with no more than 5-10 carries. If you are deciding whether or not to start him in fantasy, I would suggest a big no due to the fact that Helaire is playing like a bonified superstar at the moment. For the next few games I can see the Chiefs testing out Bell as a 3rd down back or maybe even a prominent receiving back similar to Kevin Faulk and James White when playing with Tom Brady.

Chiefs Moving Forward:

The Chiefs organization has done an outstanding job building there franchise for success and I don’t see them missing a top seed in the AFC for at least 5 years. Kansas City’s offense is filled with young growing talent such as Patrick Mahomes (25), Mecole Hardman (22), Tyreke Hill (26), and lastly of course Clyde Edwards-Helaire who is only 21 years old. All of these guys seem to love the atmosphere of Kansas City and who wouldn’t? They are the most dominant team on Paper this year and are my Super Bowl favorite.


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