Week 8 Picks (1:00 Slate)

MatchupMase’s PickInsight
Vikings @ Packers (-6.5)PackersThe Pack have the #1 scoring offense in the league while averaging an insane 38 ppg and unfortunately for the Vikings there defense is ranked 22nd this year.
Titans @ Bengals (+7)TitansCincinnati is giving up 133 rushing yards per game on average which is ranked 28th among all teams and going up against King Henry and the Titans, it is not looking good for them.
Patriots @ Bills (-4)PatriotsI expect this to be a neck and neck game like usual with this AFC East matchup between the Bills and Patriots. I see the Bills coming out on top but not covering the spread; Final score ~ 27-24 Bills.
Raiders @ Browns (-2)RaidersWith 2 top 10 scoring offenses squaring up in Cleveland tomorrow you can expect a high scoring shootout with little to no defense. With the Browns coming off an exhausting game in Cinci where they lost OBJ to a season ending knee injury, you can anticipate to see the Raiders come out on top.
Jets @ Chiefs (-19.5)ChiefsThis game doesn’t need much explaining, the Jets are a failing organization with little to no chance of even winning 3 games this season. Expect the Chiefs to win in an absolute beat down in Kansas City.
Colts @ Lions (+3)ColtsThe Colts have a dangerous defense this year that is 1st in the League in interceptions and 3rd in points against, and facing a Lion’s team that is 24th in yards per game and 18th in points per game, this matchup is likely to end in a beat down.
Rams @ Dolphins (+3.5)RamsBoth the Rams and the Dolphins have demanding defenses that reek havoc on their opponents, but although the defenses are equal, the Rams have a fierce offense led by Jared Goff and Cooper Kupp that are going to be an absolute menace for that Miami defense.
Steelers @ Ravens (-4)SteelersOnce again these are 2 very intimidating defenses that have been performing at full potential this year. Steelers vs Ravens is one of the biggest rivalries in the sports world and all seem to end in a barn burner. Unfortunately for the Ravens, who are a run first team and rank 31st in the league in passing yards this year, they are going to be facing a brutal run defense that is going to force them to throw the ball. Whether or not the reigning MVP can handle that is up to the Ravens to decide.

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