New England Patriots Meltdown

The Patriots are off to a poor 2-5 start and have lost 4 straight games and are expressing extreme frustration within the organization. For starters, Stephon Gilmore has become irritated with the team and in the week 7 matchup against the 49ers it showed. Gilmore was seen playing quite lackadaisical on numerous plays, he was shown purposely taking poor angles on pursuits so he would not have to make a tackle and risk an injury in a game that was pretty much unwinnable. Coming from the reigning Defensive MVP this was a terrible sight for Pats fans. In response to his actions, Coach Bill Belichick was rumored to bench Gilmore in week 8 against the AFC East leading Bills. Gilmore sat out with a “knee injury” but deep down we understand this was less of an injury and more of a disciplinary action. Although many thought Gilmore was going to be traded before the deadline, this did not occur and as of right now Gilmore is projected to start against the Jets on Monday night. In addition to Gilmore’s attitude, Cam Newton was beating himself up after a costly fumble in the red zone against the Bills that inevitably lost them the game. In a press conference after the game, a reporter asked Belichick if he was going to give Jarrett Stidham a shot to see what he can do on the field for the backend of the season. Belichick simply answered, “Cam is our quarterback”.

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