New England Patriots Meltdown

The Patriots are off to a poor 2-5 start and have lost 4 straight games and are expressing extreme frustration within the organization. For starters, Stephon Gilmore has become irritated with the team and in the week 7 matchup against the 49ers it showed. Gilmore was seen playing quite lackadaisical on numerous plays, he was shown purposely taking poor angles on pursuits so he would not have to make a tackle and risk an injury in a game that was pretty much unwinnable. Coming from the reigning Defensive MVP this was a terrible sight for Pats fans. In response to his actions, Coach Bill Belichick was rumored to bench Gilmore in week 8 against the AFC East leading Bills. Gilmore sat out with a “knee injury” but deep down we understand this was less of an injury and more of a disciplinary action. Although many thought Gilmore was going to be traded before the deadline, this did not occur and as of right now Gilmore is projected to start against the Jets on Monday night. In addition to Gilmore’s attitude, Cam Newton was beating himself up after a costly fumble in the red zone against the Bills that inevitably lost them the game. In a press conference after the game, a reporter asked Belichick if he was going to give Jarrett Stidham a shot to see what he can do on the field for the backend of the season. Belichick simply answered, “Cam is our quarterback”.

Week 8 Picks (1:00 Slate)

MatchupMase’s PickInsight
Vikings @ Packers (-6.5)PackersThe Pack have the #1 scoring offense in the league while averaging an insane 38 ppg and unfortunately for the Vikings there defense is ranked 22nd this year.
Titans @ Bengals (+7)TitansCincinnati is giving up 133 rushing yards per game on average which is ranked 28th among all teams and going up against King Henry and the Titans, it is not looking good for them.
Patriots @ Bills (-4)PatriotsI expect this to be a neck and neck game like usual with this AFC East matchup between the Bills and Patriots. I see the Bills coming out on top but not covering the spread; Final score ~ 27-24 Bills.
Raiders @ Browns (-2)RaidersWith 2 top 10 scoring offenses squaring up in Cleveland tomorrow you can expect a high scoring shootout with little to no defense. With the Browns coming off an exhausting game in Cinci where they lost OBJ to a season ending knee injury, you can anticipate to see the Raiders come out on top.
Jets @ Chiefs (-19.5)ChiefsThis game doesn’t need much explaining, the Jets are a failing organization with little to no chance of even winning 3 games this season. Expect the Chiefs to win in an absolute beat down in Kansas City.
Colts @ Lions (+3)ColtsThe Colts have a dangerous defense this year that is 1st in the League in interceptions and 3rd in points against, and facing a Lion’s team that is 24th in yards per game and 18th in points per game, this matchup is likely to end in a beat down.
Rams @ Dolphins (+3.5)RamsBoth the Rams and the Dolphins have demanding defenses that reek havoc on their opponents, but although the defenses are equal, the Rams have a fierce offense led by Jared Goff and Cooper Kupp that are going to be an absolute menace for that Miami defense.
Steelers @ Ravens (-4)SteelersOnce again these are 2 very intimidating defenses that have been performing at full potential this year. Steelers vs Ravens is one of the biggest rivalries in the sports world and all seem to end in a barn burner. Unfortunately for the Ravens, who are a run first team and rank 31st in the league in passing yards this year, they are going to be facing a brutal run defense that is going to force them to throw the ball. Whether or not the reigning MVP can handle that is up to the Ravens to decide.

Fantasy Standouts/Busts Week 8


JaMycal Hasty (RB): Hasty is a very solid option for a running back 2 spot in your lineup this week if you’re battling injuries or a bye week. With Jeff Wilson Jr. and Raheem Mosert out, Hasty will have an important role in the backfield against the Seahawks and has an opportunity to be the main guy if his performance exceeds Jerick McKinnon’s output. Last week, Hasty averaged 6.3 yards on 9 carries against a respectable New England defense and even hauled in his only target for a 16 yard catch and run. With San Francisco’s run heavy offense you could expect Hasty to receive at least 10 carries on Sunday and you better believe this determined work horse is going to take advantage of the opportunity.

Travis Fulgham (WR): Fulgham is a versatile wideout who is just recently receiving a lot of attention around the league and it is well deserved. He has seen double digit targets in each of his last 3 games and has scored a touchdown in 3 of his last 4 games. With Desean Jackson battling the injury bug Fulgham is in place to have an excellent week against a struggling Dallas defense which is ranked 27th in the league. Fulgham is rostered in about 80% of ESPN FF leagues which is up 17% from last week which is a giant jump for a second year player like himself. The upside is promising for the skillful wideout and is a must grab if you find him on the waiver wire.


Tua Tagovailoa (QB): The 5th overall pick in the 2020 draft was named the starter over the veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick earlier this week in preparation for a scary Rams defense. Before you jump on the Tua train I would proceed with caution; Tua is coming off a devastating hip injury that he endured last year against Mississippi State and has not played in a live game in almost a full year. At least for right now, I would highly recommend to wait on buying your ticket on the Tua train so you can see if he is still the sensational star he was in college. If anything, you should consider picking him up if you have room on your roster but as for a starting QB in week 8, I would look elsewhere.

Jarvis Landry (WR): Landry suffered a rib injury week 5 but has been playing through it and looks to play week 8 against the Raiders. With OBJ out with a torn ACL the Browns are going to be looking for a new go-to guy in the passing game, but this does not mean Landry will be that guy. Up until OBJ’s injury last week, Landry had seen 38 passes thrown his way opposed to OBJ’s 41. Even with similar target ratios, Landry just hasn’t been able to make a strong contribution compared to OBJ, leading me to believe that he is not the guy that is going to step up especially with a lingering rib injury. If you’re desperate for a WR2 filler or Flex filler I would recommend Rashard Higgins who is very well liked in the Cleveland community and has notched a touchdown in 2 of his last 3 games including an 110 yard performance last week on 6 catches.

Chiefs Diverse Offense

October 20, 2020

Clyde Edwards-Helaire:

The Kansas City Chiefs showed the entire NFL what they are really capable of last night in a 26-17 win over the Buffalo Bills. The Chiefs rushed for 245 yards which was led by star rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire with 161 yards. Helaire also averaged a whopping 6.2 yards per carry and at halftime he was grossing 8.5 yards a carry. This is a scary sight for the rest of the NFL because teams were only rushing 3 defenders and sending 8 to drop back into coverage against this very versatile Chiefs receiving core leading up to this game. Expect to see a lot of 4 and 5 man rushes from the Broncos next week to try to contain this scary rushing attack.

Le’Veon Bell:

Bell did not play in the game Monday night against the Bills but is expected to play against the Broncos next Sunday at 4:25pm ET. What should you expect from Bell? I expect a small role in the game plan with no more than 5-10 carries. If you are deciding whether or not to start him in fantasy, I would suggest a big no due to the fact that Helaire is playing like a bonified superstar at the moment. For the next few games I can see the Chiefs testing out Bell as a 3rd down back or maybe even a prominent receiving back similar to Kevin Faulk and James White when playing with Tom Brady.

Chiefs Moving Forward:

The Chiefs organization has done an outstanding job building there franchise for success and I don’t see them missing a top seed in the AFC for at least 5 years. Kansas City’s offense is filled with young growing talent such as Patrick Mahomes (25), Mecole Hardman (22), Tyreke Hill (26), and lastly of course Clyde Edwards-Helaire who is only 21 years old. All of these guys seem to love the atmosphere of Kansas City and who wouldn’t? They are the most dominant team on Paper this year and are my Super Bowl favorite.


Big News Around the NFL + NBA

October 15, 2020 

Top Stories 


Le’Veon Bell was released from the New York Jets yesterday due to the fact that his stats were simply not up to par from his Steelers days. The Jets are a failing organization with bad coaching, a terrible offensive line, and overall, just don’t have any standout players excluding Jamison Crowder who has managed to pull in 219 yards and a touchdown in just the 2 games he’s played in this season. As for Bell, I would love to see him in a Tampa Bay uniform. With the injury prone Leonard Fournette hurt and an unproductive LeSean McCoy, Bell would likely replace McCoy. Tom Brady has always thrived with a good receiving back and this is most likely what the Bucs are looking for in Bell. If Bell can accept that role, I believe Tampa is the best fit for him moving forward. 

In other news, the Titans absolutely stomped all over the undefeated Bills in a 42-16 beat down. Derrick Henry quite literally threw Josh Norman off the field in an emphatic stiff arm that he will never forget. Henry finished with 2 touchdowns and a calm 57 rushing yards while Tannehill notched 4 touchdowns including a swift 10-yard scramble to the house. 

Lastly in the NFL, Chase Claypool put up a whopping 3 receiving touchdowns and as if that wasn’t enough, he also rushed one in for the Steelers. As of last week, Claypool was available in 91% of Fantasy Football leagues and is now only available in 58% of them. You could say he had a breakout week. 


LeBron James and the Lakers took down the Miami Heat 4-1 in a final that did not seem too competitive. Despite the Heat battling the injury bug, I don’t think anyone had faith in Miami pulling off this miracle. LeBron collected his 4th ring in 10 trips to the finals and received his 4th finals MVP. This win made some people say LeBron is now the GOAT but let’s be honest here, he has a 40%-win percentage in Ten finals appearances where it matters most, this may seem fairly good but compared to his competition it is somewhat sad. For instance, Michael Jordan has a 100%-win percentage in six finals appearances, Bill Rusell has a 92%-win percentage in TWELVE finals appearances, and lastly Kobe Bryant has a 72%-win percentage in 7 finals appearances (RIP Mamba). Of course, this isn’t the only statistic that matters but this just shows the drastic difference between these 4 players.